William Tiddle
Age 50 (approximate)
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Male
Status Cured
Fate Living
Appearances Delirium
Relationships Carol Tiddle (Wife)
Marcia Tiddle (Daughter)
Jenny Tiddle (Granddaughter)
Grace Tiddle (Granddaughter)

William Tiddle is a character seen in Delirium. He is the husband of Carol Tiddle and grandfather to Jenny and Grace Tiddle. He is also Lena Haloway's uncle but this is through marriage and not by blood.

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about William's early life. It can assumed that he was born in Portland. He most likely had his evaluations where he was paired with Carol Tiddle and was cured, most likely on his 18th birthday. He had one daughter with Carol: Marcia Tiddle.

After Conrad Haloway died and Annabel Haloway disappeared, Rachel and Lena Haloway came to live with him and his family.

Delirium Edit

For the most part William is absent for the novel as he works at his store, the Stop-N-Save. William does play an important role near the end of the novel; almost stopping Lena from escaping her Cure. However he becomes momentarily distracted when Grace speaks her very first word and as a result Lena manages to escape into the Wilds.

Requiem Edit

In Requiem the whole Tiddle family has had to move to the Deering Highlands as no one wanted to be associated with a family so tainted by the disease. It is implied that, sometime in the year after Lenas escape, William has in some way became smitten with the disease or connected with the resistance.

"Lena’s mother, Lena’s uncle William, and now Lena . . . Too much bad blood. Too much disease."

Trivia Edit

  • Despite its rarity for a cured, William is shown to dream on one occasion, caulking a window seemingly forever.
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