Warren Sheathes
Age 33 (at death)
Home Lifers Courtyard
Portland, Maine
Gender Male
Status Invalid
Fate Deceased
Mentioned Delirium
Relationships Alex Sheathes (son)

Warren Sheathes is an unseen character in the Delirium Trilogy and the father of Alex Sheathes. He spent 14 years in the Crypts in Ward 6 for his resistance against the Cure.

Life Edit

Warren Sheathes was born in Portland, Maine to unknown parents. At the age of 16 he fell in love with Alex's mother, an unnamed girl his age. Their relationship became serious enough that they were planning to run away to the Wilds together. For unknown reasons Warren was arrested when he was 18 before they could escape and thrown in the Crypts. Alex bitterly speculates at one point that his father was arrested for "thinking for himself". Despite this, Alex's mother managed to escape into the Wilds herself before giving birth to Alex and dying from complications.

Warren spent the next 14 years in Ward 6.

Death and Legacy Edit

Alex's mother never told anyone that Warren was still alive and Alex himself thought he was dead until the sympathizers he lived with in Portland told him the true story when he was 15. He went to the Crypts only to learn that his father had died several months earlier and was buried in the Lifers Courtyard.

Despite the fact that they never actually met, Alex seemed to feel a close connection his father as he would come often to the Crypts after that to visit his father's grave and retrace the letters of his name as they faded away.

Trivia Edit

  • Warren never knew that he had a son.
  • Ironically the alias surname assigned to Alex, Warren, is his father's first name.
  • Warren was most likely never cured despite the fact that he never set foot outside of a verified community.
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