Verified Communities (also known as Valid Communities) are towns and cities within the United States that are sanctioned by the government as places to live. They are all bordered by either a fence or a concrete wall to keep out the encroaching Wilds but it's implied that this is also to keep people in. There are curfews and strict segregation laws for Uncureds as well as random raids for all citizens. Dissension and rebellion is swiftly punished and those who are not executed outright are thrown into a prison/mental ward that almost all verified communities have.

Verified communities are referred to collectively as Zombieland by Invalids and those in the Wilds. This is in reference to that fact that almost everyone over 18 is cured and therefore cannot feel strong emotions.

Known Verified Communities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although many verified communities are mentioned, only three are shown throughout the trilogy; Portland, New York City, and Waterbury.
  • It is mentioned that before the blitz, there were more communities that refused to join with the new government and the idea of the Cure. They were bombed into ruin during the blitz as they were considered dangerous and unclean.
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