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Holy moly! We recently heard that Lena Haloway finally got casted (it's Emma Roberts, by the way), and now we've found out that Fox has casted Billy Campbell (The Killing) as Delirium‘s top villain, Thomas Fineman!

Here’s his character’s official description:

“Wearing a conservative suit, with laser-white teeth and a John Boehner tan, he’s a wealthy political leader, the head of a lobbying organization called Deliria Free America. Married with one son, Fineman opposes the social chaos caused by ‘Deliria’ and supports the use of the brain modification that prevents citizens from falling in love and leads to a peaceful, ordered society. At difficult times, Fineman’s friendly facade shatters into unbridled rage.”

Campbell seems like a great choice and now we're even MORE excited to see how this show is going to turn out!!

What do you think of the casting choice for Thomas Fineman?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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