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  • Gcheung28

    We were all pretty sad to hear that FOX had nixed the Delirium adaptation, but all is not lost! Emma Roberts and her castmates had finished filming the pilot, which then never aired, but Hulu is planning on streaming the episode!

    Hulu has released a trailer for Delirium so watch it below and see how you can stream the first episode for a limited time!

    This trailer really makes us wish the show hadn't been cancelled, but at least we get to see what could have been! So get ready, because beginning on Friday, June 20, you can FINALLY see this pilot! The episode will only be available for 30 days so don't miss out!

    Source: Hypable

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  • Gcheung28

    More fabulous casting news, Delirium fans! Deadline reported that Michael Michele is going to play Senator Elyse Hargrove, an ambitious widow with three children and Presidential aspirations who has a growing opposition to the political insurrection.

    Michele is most known for her role as Dr. Cleo Finch in ER, but she has also appeared on shows like Gossip Girl, House M.D., Law & Order and more! It will be interesting to see what her character is like on the show since it's a new character that hasn't appeared in the books.

    Source: Deadline

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  • Gcheung28

    The day we've been waiting for is finally almost here: Requiem is getting released TOMORROW! If you were unsure about whether or not the 3rd and final book in Lauren Oliver's trilogy is worth getting, check out the reviews from critics and fans below!

    The feedback so far seems to be positive, but leave your own reviews in the comments and let us know what you thought!

    As Delirium swept me off my feet, and Pandemonium raised so many questions, Requiem sucked me in from page one and spat me back out again on the last page, a shell of a woman, wanting more but knowing the source had dried up...If you're not a fan of open-enders, let me pre-warn you that you might be left feeling a touch unsatisfied, but as with the conclusion of book one - there…

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  • Gcheung28

    FOX Casts a Hana Tate

    March 2, 2013 by Gcheung28

    Finally!! News just broke out that we now have a Hana Tate, Lena's best friend! Jeanine Mason, who won season five of So You Think You Can Dance, is going to be starring on FOX's pilot of Delirium with Emma Roberts! Mason also played “Cozette” in several episodes of ABCFamily's Bunheads so she isn't a stranger on the small screen!

    Hana is described to be "tall, blonde, and beautiful" so do you think Jeanine Mason fits the bill? We're wondering if the network is going to make her dye her hair or let her keep it dark!

    Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  • Gcheung28

    Requiem is almost out, which means that our favorite series, the Delirium trilogy is going to be over soon! We sat through Lena's first love in Delirium and her escape into the Wilds in Pandemonium, but what's next? If you're trying to convince your friends to read the trilogy before the final book is out, how about showing them this starter's guide so they know what they're getting into?

    If you have any important tidbits to add, leave them in the comments below!

    With all this to refresh your memory, how excited are you for the final book?? We're sad to see Delirium end, but we REALLY want to find out what happens to Lena, Alex, Julian, and Hana!

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