Male and female Uncureds lining up for their evaluations, as shown in Delirium (TV Series).

Uncureds are those within the verified communities who are yet to be given the legislated cure and become cureds. This group almost entirely consists of young adults and children under the age of 18 as people of that age cannot receive cure without severe risk to their health. In rare cases the cure isn't administered until even after 18 for medical reasons, such as the case with Julian Fineman.

Since Uncureds run the risk of contracting deliria, boys and girls are segregated in their day to day lives. They also have a curfew mandated by the government at night. Cureds are known to look down on Uncureds as they see them as unclean and not free from disease.

Despite the fact that nearly everyone in the Wilds is uncured, the people outside of verified communities are referred to instead as "Invalids".

Uncureds During the Delirium TrilogyEdit