The Crypts is the prison/mental ward in Portland, ME.

Before the break-out in Pandemonium, the estimated number of inmates stood at 3000. Inmates consist of thieves, vandals, resisters, procedures gone wrong, and sympathizers. If not executed immediately, they are left to rot in the Crypts. There is also a courtyard with the title of Lifers that houses the residents who died within the Crypts, and it is where Alex's father Warren is buried.

Bts thecrypts

The Crypts as shown in the Delirium Pilot.

Two enormous doors lead to the Crypts, lined with tiny panes of bulletproof glass. When Lena first goes to the Crypts, she notes that the smell of thousands of unwashed bodies packed closely together with underlying stings of industrial strength bleach and cleanser is the first smell to hit you once you proceed through the doors. Overlaying it all is the smell of wet corridors that are never truly dark, leaking pipes, and mould growing behind the walls and in small cracks. The walls are painted a sickly yellow colour illuminated by patchy fluoresent lights that buzz on and off, and marked with years or water marks, hand prints and dead insects.

Ward 6 in the Crypts holds the most dangerous prisoners and is where Lena's mother Annabel was held. When Lena visits her cell, she sees the word LOVE carved into the walls and a tunnel where her mother escaped carved out of one of the O's.

When the Incidents occurred in January, several bombs went off in the Crypts, resulting in 300 prisoners, including Alex Sheathes, to escape into the Wilds and another dozen to be killed. The Crypts were renovated and rebuilt shortly after.

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