Rachel Haloway
Age 27
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Female
Status Cured
Fate Living
Appearances Delirium
Delirium (TV Series)
Mentioned Annabel
Relationships Annabel Haloway (mother)
Conrad Haloway (father)
Magdalena Haloway (sister)
Carol Tiddle (aunt)
William Tiddle (uncle)
Thomas Dale (ex-boyfriend)
David (husband)
Sara (daughter)
Andrew (son)
Portrayed by Erin Cahill

Rachel Haloway is a major character in Delirium and sister to the main character, Lena Haloway. She was portrayed by Erin Cahill in the Delirium Pilot.

Early Life Edit

Rachel Haloway was born in Portland to Conrad and Annabel Haloway. Nine years later, her sister, Lena, was born. A year after that, her father died from a brain tumor.

When Rachel was 15, her mother disappeared. Rachel believed she had committed suicide, unable to endure another procedure, but in reality she had been thrown in the Crypts. Orphaned, Rachel and Lena went to live with their aunt and uncle.

Months before she was cured, she fell in love with a boy named Thomas Dale, who used to "create worlds" and "kiss her tears away" but for whatever reason the relationship ended. On the day of her procedure she resisted but was cured regardless and it seemed to have no complications. She later was paired to an IT Tech named David. Lena notes that Rachel probably doesn't remember loving Thomas or if she does she must be very embarrassed by it. She has two children with David, Sara and Andrew.

Delirium Edit

Despite them being close when they were young, Rachel and Lena show a large disconnect in Delirium. This is mostly due to the fact that Rachel is cured and that she feels no attachment to Lena at all.

When Lena is caught with Alex, Rachel helps her aunt and uncle restrain Lena and watch her at all times. Lena reveals to her that their mother is alive but Rachel views it only as a delusion, a result of Lena getting knocked on the head.

Lena feels no regrets when she escapes into the Wilds considering Rachel too far gone for her to save.

Personality Edit

As an Uncured, Rachel is described as being strong-willed, fighting her mother on occasion and the regulators when she was taken to be cured. She also seemed to be quite attached to Lena, braiding her hair, telling her stories, and giving her nicknames.

After she was cured, she showed no personal attachment to anyone. While she seemed to care about Lena and her children in some sense, it seemed more of a duty or obligation than anything really sustaining.

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