Alias(es) Twiggy
Age 30 (approximate)
Home Camp Waterbury
The Wilds
Gender Female
Status Invalid
Fate Living
Appearances Requiem

Pippa is a character seen in Requiem. She formally went by the name of Twiggy and is an old friend of Raven and Tack. She is mentioned to be around thirty and built like a man, with a man's laugh which is deep and throaty.

Pippa was sent to Camp Waterbury by the Resistance, due to the number of riots and Invalids gathering in and around the city. The Resistance believed that she had a good chance of stirring them up even further.

Pippa greeted Raven's group when they arrived in the camp and gave them a place to stay with her. She also helped with trying to open the water supply after the cureds of Waterbury dammed it up and it was then, along with Raven's camp, she learned of the plot the cureds had to destroy the camp and kills any Invalids found.

While Raven's group chose to flee, Pippa decided to stay and warn as many people as possible of what was about to happen. Raven's group thereafter assumed that Pippa had died protecting those in the camp.

However, it was revealed once they went to Portland that Pippa had survived and was joining them in an attack against the city.

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