New York is a verified community within the United States. It is the partial setting for Pandemonium.

Note: The information here is the information given within the trilogy and thus differs from the real New York. To learn more about the actual New York, click here.

History Edit

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New York, like many cities within America, identified love as a disease 64 years before the events of Delirium and eventually mandated the cure for everyone over 18. At some point in time a "border" was set up around its perimeter. Unlike Portland before the Incidents, however, its border was mostly made of concrete and had watchtowers at several intervals.

At some point the Deliria-Free America (or DFA) was founded within New York by Thomas Fineman with the goal of making the cure mandatory for everyone, including those under 18.

Due to the sheer size of the city, New York also saw more protests by those against the Cure. The Incidents also killed a number of its citizens.

Notable Landmarks and Places Edit

  • Times Square - One of the main places of activity within New York. It is the setting of one DFA rally, if not more. Lena Haloway mentions at one point that all the billboards from before the cure have been washed away except for one which has been taken over by the Unified Church of Religion and Science with their symbol of a hand cupping a molecule of hydrogen. Lena also mentions that all the lights in the Square are shut off as there is not enough electricity to light them.
  • Javits Center - A place where a DFA meeting is held. It is also where Lena Haloway and Julian Fineman meet for the first time.
  • The Craps - The prison/mental ward of New York. It is comparable to the Crypts in Portland. However, instead of being housed in a huge building, the Craps are a sprawling complex beneath New York.

Known Citizens Edit

Trivia Edit

  • New York is so huge that the place is sectioned off into even smaller areas (Queens, Brooklyn etc). It is hard to pass from one area to the other.
  • The city is also home to one of the first homesteads, The Salvage, and thus one of the first places of resistance by Invalids.
  • Unlike Portland, New York is so huge that people use cars and buses to travel around.
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