Jenny Tiddle
Age 9 (Delirium)
10 (Requiem)
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Female
Status Uncured
Fate Living
Height 5 feet
Appearances Delirium
Relationships Marcia Tiddle (mother)
Grace Tiddle (sister)
Carol Tiddle (grandmother)
William Tiddle (grandfather)
Rachel Haloway (cousin)
Lena Haloway (cousin)

Jenny Tiddle is a character within the Delirium Trilogy, most notably known to be Lena's cousin, Marcia's eldest daughter, and sister to Grace Tiddle.

Early Life Edit

Jenny Tiddle was born to Marcia Tiddle and her unnamed father in Portland. Her sister, Grace Tiddle, was born three years after her. In her young years they lived a good life with a lot of money and respect in the community.

When Jenny was 5, her father was accused of being a sympathizer and helping Invalids. He escaped to the Wilds and so Jenny's mother was put on trial in his place. She died a day later, the stress and fear too much. Jenny and Grace, now orphans, went to live with their grandparents and cousins.

Delirium Edit

Throughout Delirium, Jenny is seen as being nosy and questioning Lena and her activities. She is shown both frightened and fascinated when Lena is revealed to have deliria.

Requiem Edit

Jenny is briefly seen at the beginning of Requiem when she is almost run over by Hana's car. Hana mentions that she knows who Jenny is but her mother refuses to listen, wanting to forget about the Haloway's and their relations.

It is later mentioned that since no one wanted to deal with a family so strangled by the deliria, the entire family had to move to the outskirts of the Deering Highlands.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jenny is 9 years old in Delirium and 10 in Requiem. She is described as being very tall for her age at around 5 feet, but very thin, all angles and elbows. Her chest is described as "caving in like a warped sheet pan", and she has the same pinched look her mother Marcia had. Her voice is described as flat and droning.

Personality Edit

Jenny is described as being nosy, asking intrusive questions about everything, and being proud, looking down her nose at everyone. Lena mentions at one point that Jenny down at her like "I'm the nine-year-old".

Trivia Edit

  • Besides the main characters, Jenny is one of the few Uncureds seen in the trilogy.
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