Camp Waterbury was a huge camp comprised almost entirely of Invalids located on the outside wall of the city of Waterbury. For its brief life, it was known throughout America by both cureds and Uncureds who saw it as everything from a paradise to a hell. It was later destroyed by a large group of soldiers and regulators.

History Edit

It is not known when exactly Camp Waterbury was founded (although most likely it was after the Incidents) nor is it too certain how it exactly was founded. What is known is that a large group of Invalids settled there and as more Invalids caught wind of it, more of them continued to come in and settle down until there were thousands of people there.

The Camp Edit

Most Invalids who have not seen the place describe it as a haven, a place where all Invalids pitch in and work together to form a large community. However, this is not the reality.

The camp is described as being a patchwork quilt of tents and blankets with no real buildings or infrastructure. Some of the camp is divided into smaller sections that are each run by someone different although for the large part the camp is simply survival of the fittest. People fight with each for the bare necessities and have generally very little.

Destruction Edit

Sometime after Raven and her group arrived at the camp, she among others noticed that the water they'd been using to drink and bathe in had been dammed by the citizens of Waterbury in order to disperse the Invalids. The Invalids attempted blow up the dam but in the process discovered that Waterbury was going to be annihilated the next day by 10 000 troops.

Raven and her camp managed to escape and the full destruction of the camp was not seen. It is implied though that many people were slaughtered when the camp was completely stamped out.

Known Occupants Edit

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