Blue is introduced in the second book of the trilogy. She is a young Invalid girl that is part of the group that Lena Haloway joins after she escapes into The Wilds. She dies several months later when she becomes ill.

Life Edit

Blue was born in Yarmouth, possibly Maine, most likely to two teenagers who had fallen in love. As such, Blue was a "Deliria baby" and if discovered, her birth mother and father would be severely punished and she would most likely be killed. Knowing this, her birth mother most likely abandoned her in a shoe box in one of the nearby building projects where she would most likely die from exposure.

Raven, who was walking nearby, saw the shoe box and looked inside to see if there was anything valuable. Seeing a baby inside who wasn't breathing and who would be killed if she was revived, Raven decided to escape into the Wilds with her, in part to escape her own abusive father. Raven eventually named the child Blue for the fact that when she wasn't breathing that day in the shoe box, she looked completely blue.

In the ensuing months in the Wilds, Blue almost died once more but was saved by Tack's intelligence. Blue grew into a strong but quiet child.

Death and Legacy Edit

When the Rochester Homestead was bombed after the Incidents, Blue and Raven as well as the rest of their camp were left with almost nothing. As a result, Blue became feverish and ill and although Raven did everything in her power to save her, Blue still died.

Raven was deeply affected by her death; becoming almost hysterical at her funeral and hardened in the months following her death. When Raven dies at the end of Requiem, Lena reflects that perhaps Raven is on a different journey now to find Blue.

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