Angelica Marston
Age 18
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Female
Status Unnatural
Appearances Hana (short story)
Mentioned Delirium
Relationships Hana Tate (Friend)
Angelica Marston is a character mentioned in Delirium and shown in Hana. She helps Hana Tate get into illegal uncured parties through cryptic text messages.

Beyond this, Angelica and Hana don't really seem to talk much although Hana does defend Angelica to Lena Haloway by saying her parents are strict which is why she comes off as stuck-up.

It is revealed near the end of Hana, that Angelica is in fact an Unnatural, someone who is attracted to someone else of the same sex.

Despite this, she is cured and Hana's last memory of her is when Angelica waves to her in her post-cured state, her eyes unfocused and looking somewhere above Hana's head.

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