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Alex Sheathes
Daren kagasoff
Age 19
Home Portland, Maine
Gender Male
Appearances Delirium
Relationships Warren Sheathes (father)
Lena Haloway (girlfriend)
Portrayed by Daren Kagasoff

Alex Sheathes is the main love interest of Lena Haloway in the first book of the series, Delirium. He is described as having auburn hair, gold eyes, and tan skin. He also has a three-pronged scar that all citizens get after their procedure at around 18, but his is a fake, meaning that he is uncured.

Early LifeEdit

He is an Invalid, having grown up in the Wilds. He was transplanted into Portland to join the resistance at the age of 10 and lived with sympathizers until he started attending college. He lives in a studio apartment near campus, but also owns a small trailer in a community in the Wilds which he visits only on rare occasion.


Alex first appears in the novel during a protest at the evaluations where a stampede of cows is released into the facilities. He becomes enamoured with Lena Haloway and apparently has thought about her ever since seeing her at "The Governor" statue during her runs. The first time Lena notices him is while she was taking her evaluations, and he surprised her by winking at her.

They ran into each other again when Lena and her best friend Hana Tate go on their usual run and decide to jump the fence at private government property. They end up walking right into him since he is the security guard there. Alex then takes them to see the sunset and slyly invites Lena to meet him at the beach (Back Cove) later that night. They miss each other but meet yet again at a party. Lena and Alex dance with each other and then agree to meet at the beach again to make up for the first time.

Once at the beach, Alex tells Lena that he is an Invalid, and she runs away, terrified. However, when Hana goes to a party and Lena finds out that it is going to be raided, she sneaks there to save Hana. She is too late though, and just as she is going to warn everyone, the police come and the raid begins. One of the regulators and his dog are about to kill Lena, and at the last moment Alex saves her. They then hide in a room together while Alex tended to her wound, and it is there that they share their first kiss.

After that, they hang out the whole summer, either with Hana in tow or just the two of them with Hana covering for them. They would often go to the Back Cove or 37 Brooks Street. Alex also took Lena to the Wilds to show her what life could be like out of the city. He reads Lena poetry, and they watch the stars while cuddling on his bed.

A few days later, Lena meets her match, Brian Scharff, the man she has been assigned to marry, and Alex sees them holding hands. Lena believes that he is angered because of this, and thinks she has found proof of his angst when she goes down to 37 Brooks to find him, but only finds the house emptied of all their belongings. Eventually Alex finds her, crouched in the living room, sobbing. He informs her that he just knew that their love couldn't last forever and wanted to move the belongings before they were found. He also shows her the bedroom upstairs which he has transformed into a room much like his trailer in the Wilds.

Lena then tells him about her mother and how she died, and Alex realizes that he has heard about her from work and that she is not dead. When he takes Lena to see her though, she is gone, having previously escaped. Later, Lena tells Alex that she wants to run away with him to the Wilds, and they decide to leave just before her scheduled procedure. The night they are about to leave, though, they are discovered because Lena's friend Hana had reported them to the police.

Alex presumably escapes, but Lena is put under house arrest. With Grace Tiddle's help, Alex rescues Lena from house arrest on a motorcycle, and the two attempt to flee to the Wilds. Lena makes it over the fence but Alex doesn't. When Lena turns back, Alex is crowded by police and he tells her to run. Lena then hears an explosion as she runs away, and she thinks that he is dead.


Throughout the book, Lena still believes Alex to be dead. At the end of the book, once Lena is safely back in the Wilds telling Julian Fineman that they will be together forever, Alex appears, telling Julian, "don't believe her."

Lena is stunned and confused at the revelation that Alex is not dead, and is in fact very much alive. He now has a scar from his eyebrow to his jaw, and he also has a prison number from being thrown in the Crypts after giving himself up to let Lena safely escape. The prison number is around his fake three-pronged scar from his 'procedure'.


After Alex re-appears in Pandemonium. He continues to be a part of the group throughout Requiem. At first, he and Lena don't talk; and Alex does not directly look at her. This is because of her continuing relationship with Julian. Their first encounter is in the woods after Lena goes out because she cannot sleep. Alex cannot sleep as well. This is the first time you see the two directly talk in the novel. Alex talks briefly about the pain and struggles he faced to come be in the wilds with Lena. They then talk about their relationship and Alex tells Lena that he never loved her, and that the old Alex is dead. Then, as the two are about to walk away, a bear shows up behind Lena. They wait and when Lena moves a little the bear get's aggrivated. After some more standing, Lena decides to try and scare the bear away, and succeeds. Alex then says that it was crazy and that the "old Lena" would have never done that, she counters by saying, The old Lena is dead, and walks away.

Alex hangs out with a new survivor, Coral. Lena become jealous and is conflicted between her feelings. Alex continues to flirt and interact with Coral. One night, the camp and group is ambushed. When Lena reveals herself from the hiding place, Alex reveals his caring side. When the ambush is over and everything is in flames, Alex gets upset at Lena for "charging in there like some kind of hero.". He worries about her. Lena reacts confused, and she tells him that he never loved her or cared for her, so there was no use in being upset. Julian enters the scene, and Alex walks away.

They reach a camp in Waterbury, where a stream, the main water source, is blocked by a wall. Alex is in one of the groups that tries to blow up the wall that divides the Wilds from the Zombieland. The mission turns out unsucessful and Lena has found out that there will be regulators that will attack the people in Waterbury later that week. Raven's group hurries to an underground safe house in the woods. When they reach the underground house, Alex and Julian have a brawl outside during the night. Lena appears into the area of the fight and the boys continue, not acknowledging her.

Alex attacks Julian with such fury and force, that Julian ends up on the floor. Lena screams at them to stop, but none of them listen. Raven and Tack enter the scene, and they tear the boys apart. Alex realises what he's done, and apologizes to Lena. Lena refuses to look at him, and steps away from him. Alex runs into the woods, and is not seen after. He leaves a note to Lena, that reads, The Story of the Solomon is the only way I know how to explain. Forgive me. 

Alex reappears in the book when the resisters attack Portland, Lena's old home, and where the two met. Near the end of the attack, Lena spots him after she saves Grace from the Highlands. He is the "old Alex" and they both admit that they still love eachother.

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