37 Brooks is the address of an abandoned house Alex Sheathes and Lena Haloway occupy for their secret relationship in Delirium. It is located in the Deering Highlands which twenty years earlier was shrouded in controversy when sympathizers and supposedly several Invalids. Many people were arrested and executed and the place became a virtual ghost town, making this area much safer for Alex and Lena to be together.

37 Brooks is described as being a large house, almost a mansion, that has fallen into disrepair and rotted over time after being abandoned by its owners. Nonetheless most of the rooms still seem livable, though some of the bedrooms on the second floor have roofs rotted away with bats residing in the rafters. There are also many ancient trees--older even than the the time of love being recognized as a disease--surrounding the house. This is one of the main reasons Lena and Alex chose this house as the trees hid the yard and house from the street and any passersby.

For the large part, 37 Brooks is where Alex and Lena meet to be together. They have picnics there or talk with each other, explore the rooms, and sometimes play games like hide-and-seek like they did as kids.

Sometime after they decide to cross over into the Wilds, Alex and Lena meet there one last time and discover the gate to the house locked before regulators come out to arrest them. Alex manages to escape but Lena is captured.

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